Thursday, 14 September 2017


The fifth release in the Breyer Big Cat series is just gorgeous!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Cantering Welsh Test Run

A new test run piece has appeared and he is rather lush

 Pony of the Americas test piece

Just look at those spots!

Collector's club members can enter for him now. He is priced at $850

Paint Horse Family

The final release in this year's Vintage Club is now available to order.

I'm going to hold out, Duende is due mid-late September so really hoping I can combine shipping. I have until September 22nd to pay for these guys so let's all keep our fingers crossed *crosses fingers*

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Breyer Fall Releases

Check out the Breyer Fall releases

Spirit & Friends Giftset

 Spirit & Friends Gift Set

Sugar Maple


Classic English Horse & Rider

 Classics English Horse & Rider

Classic Western Horse & Rider

 Classics Western Horse & Rider

Stablemate Club Grab Bags

Breyer are offering Stablemate club grab bags to club members.

Each one contains two models and some contain Diesals! I think I may have to order one :)


Thursday, 31 August 2017

Win a Breyer Banks Vanilla

This month's celebration give away Breyer is....Banks Vanilla!

This beautiful grey model on the Croi mould is just stunning, and you could get your paws on one for free!

To win all you need to do is check out this Facebook post here:


Tempest Shadow

A new Build a Bear My Little Pony has been released...just in time for the movie (WHO IS AS EXCITED AS I AM I AM SO EXCITED).

Anyway just check out Tempest Shadow:

She is £21.50 and available on their website now:

O and for those thinking "seriously I wish she would keep her my little pony obsession away from her model horse blog" I am taking two My Little Pony Build a Bears to BMECS this year so they COUNT AS MODEL HORSES NOW.